Laura Ingalls Wilder said:


I have raised my family in Algonquin for 14 years. In the year 2000 I was homeless with my kids, we lived in a motel room for several weeks. I understood then, and never forgot since, what it is not having a HOME to come home to! After the big market collapse, my house lost value. But I refused to complain about it. I saw too many families that were facing their ultimate nightmare, losing their place. I understand the meaning and the unspoken value of a home.

Selling a home is like no other sales transaction. Because this is a place where you created memories, where you imprinted your style upon it. And now we have to find a number that expresses the value of all of that correctly on the market place. 

Buying a home raises so many issues about possibilities and options. Questions that wake you up in the middle of the night. I strive to ensure clear communication for everyone involved. And when you do have a question, call me! I will gladly take the time to talk to you and assist you in what ever manner I can. I am enthusiastic about excellence and aim to exceed any service standard. It is my privilege to be part of your real estate endeavor. I put my clients needs, dreams and successes above all. Being invited into someone's life and becoming part of their search for a new home, or the sale of their current residence has been and will always be a privilege to me. Because HOME means so much

I hope Laura Ingalls Wilder won't mind too much if I change her beautiful quote by one letter: