I have been fortunate to be a Real Estate Professional during the greatest market sell off and also the worst the market has ever been through being the recent recession. The best and the worst have given me the prospective to be creative. Nothing stays the same in this business. To the buyers I am currently working with or will be in the future I make sure to not only show them homes that match their criteria they set up but to investigate the homes that they may want to see. I have been fortunate to have been in the construction trades for over 30 years and can see defects in many of the homes that we look at that other miss up front. I will then ask questions about what I have found that is not listed on the Property report from the sellers. I won’t say that I can see them all but I see many. I help my buyers from the beginning to the end of a purchase. Many times my buyers contact me before they have been pre-approved for a mortgage and I can direct them to the people that can help them with that. It should only take a day or two. Sometime it can even be the same day!  It helps that I have lived in McHenry County all my life and know the housing market well. I have been living in Cary since 1998 and I am well acquainted with Schools, parks, restaurants, libraries, sports facilities and shopping. Once my buyers find their Dream Home I negotiate a price and write up the contract and fill out the other additional documents associated with the offer. I often help them with finding an attorney and a home inspector. They are both a must when buying a home. Once your offer is accepted it is now on to the attorney’s office with the purchase contract, and schedule your home inspection. We only have a number of days under Attorney review and inspection so we have to move quickly. If everything goes as expected it is time to make sure that your loan is processed with your lender. I am kept in the loop with everything that is associated with the loan process and make sure to get updates every few days.  Once you loan is approved a closing is set and you will be on your way to moving in to your home. Attending the closing with your buyers is a must. It is a very exciting time for the buyer and myself. I enjoy seeing my buyers at a closing because I feel that I performed my job from beginning to end and know that I have help them with the purchase ad they will now be beginning a new life.

 I highly recommend that you go to this link to watch a video called " Purple Socks". http://www.joesmymortgageguy.com/video/ It is a video put together by Joe and will help aid you in the loan process and save you a lot of time and help you understand what it will take to get a mortgage.