Hello. Every year you receive an assessment letter sent to you in the mail, and it is also printed in a local news paper. The time varies due to the township your home is in. In the past it was pretty easy to protest your assessment and get it lowered but it is becoming harder each year to get a reduction  due to the rising prices of homes in our area. If you think that your real estate assessment is too high Lisa and I may be able to help you. We do not charge a fee to do this.

In McHenry county the actual tax bills are mailed in May and your taxes can be paid in 2 payments once in June and the 2nd part in September. 

Don't confuse your tax bill that you receive in May with the assessment letter. The assessment letters are mailed to you in the fall. You have 30 days from the publication date to appeal your assessed value set by your township assessor. If you would like Lisa and I to assist you you will need to call or e-mail us within days of receiving the assessment letter. We have helped many people in the past and look forward to helping more in the future. 

You can call me, Rodney direct on my cell @ 847-309-4563 

or e-mail rodneysterne@hotmail.com.