Clayton Walder
Office: (309) 530-7323
Mobile: (309) 530-7323
Direct: (309) 530-7323

304 N Hershey Rd, Bloomington, IL 61704

I have been working in the housing industry for several years building homes. I recently decided to take that knowledge and apply it to buying and selling homes. I believe I can bring a unique value as a realtor by understanding your realty needs, offering experienced insights to maximize a home's potential, and recommending quality construction services. 
I have been taught to work hard at everything I do and that is my intention in this new career as a realtor. I will strive to answer all of your questions and communicate well throughout the entire process. I have great resources at my Coldwell Banker team and am confident that I will provide you excellent service. 
I'm very excited for this new opportunity and hope I can be of real estate assistance to you and your friends & family. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about real estate or would like my help. 
I hope I can be of service to you in the near future!
Thanks, Clayton Walder