Joe McPhetridge
Office: (920) 993-4654
Mobile: (920) 450-1786
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105 E. Bell St., Neenah, WI 54956

I moved to Appleton more than 18 years ago, and am proud to call this area home. I have been married to my beautiful, wonderful wife for six years, and we have two naughty Westie puppies named Misa (six) and Nova (two). When I'm not working, my hobbies include team sports (volleyball, softball, soccer, and kickball), photography, and video games. I have a variety of past work experience including management, quality assurance, and real estate; all of which helps me be a well rounded office manager.


I find that I excel at finding the strengths in systems and individuals, and leveraging them to create positive change. I understand that what works for one, might not work for all. I believe in a collaborative work environment where ideas are heard and considered. I am not prone to hasty decision making as reviewing all sides of a situation is imperative to making a good decision.


I believe education is an integral part to individual and professional development, and I continue to look for opportunities to help agents not only find the answers they are looking for, but to understand "why" this is the answer. This allows an agent to then educate buyers and sellers, which is paramount to a real estate transaction.


I feel that the best way for our company to have a positive customer/client experience is by ensuring that our agents have a happy and satisfactory office culture. Employees need to feel valued, heard, appreciated, and in control of their own destiny, and my goal as a manager to ensure our office culture possesses all of those things.