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Working together to serve you better!

Regional Vice President & Managing Broker

Your success is my passion!

I am very proud to lead and support the #1 real estate office in DeKalb County and you can be a part of it all, too!

I believe in being a servant leader and my primary focus is helping you have the perfect career in real estate, whatever that may look like to you. I will help you work for success in your career while creating balance in your life. After all, your real estate career should FUND your life, not RUN it.

Are you a bit scared of change and too much new technology?

Well, it’s ok because I’m not. My individualized support, alongside top company training and mentoring programs, will assure you have the best chance for success.

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“Laura Boyer is the complete package when it comes to being a leader and a manager. She understands the importance of setting team goals and then helping us to achieve those goals. She inspires us to be the best Realtors we can be and helps us to provide the best service and value to our clients. In an ever-changing technology world, she is always on top of that curve to train us on the newest innovative practices. Laura manages a very diverse group of Realtors, and does it with humor, kindness, caring and grace. I have been selling real estate since 1994 and I can tell you she is the best of the best! We are lucky to have her and I feel blessed to call her a mentor and friend!”

-Lisa Gudmunson


“Laura Boyer is a very organized managing broker, and is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the real estate business.  Her experience with technology is a huge plus as well.  She is always wanting and willing to help us grow as individuals as well as a team. She is our biggest cheerleader and provides training opportunities for us and runs very well organized and informative meetings.  Want to be a part of a fabulous company and team? Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group is it!”

-Kathy Hammes


“Laura is a great leader, a wonderful person, and runs an excellent office and has good meetings!  We have tremendous respect for her.  We love Laura!”

-Jack Connerton


“Laura loves her job as our Manager. She works tirelessly, she is always learning new tips and innovations so that she can teach us, so that we will be better agents. 
Laura inspires me to be a better person. She truly has built a ‘team’ atmosphere in our office and she always finds time for our ‘gottaminutes’… and we have a lot of “gottaminutes.” And that’s how we have become the #1 office in our region.” 

-Peggy Ramirez


“Laura Boyer is a dream manager! She is always there on the other end of the phone (via text or phone call) when you need her. She runs great office meetings, is always prepared, ready to show us the stats, the new listings, and keep us up to date with new things to make us better agents! She makes what you don't understand seem easier and puts things in PLAIN ENGLISH! I am a 30+ year Real Estate veteran who has managed 2 offices over the years and I will tell you this lady knows her stuff and is willing to share it with her staff. The culture in the office is one of family and reliability and helping each other rather than competing. We understand that there is enough business for all of us and that our greatest asset is having each other being there to help. We know when it is time for business, and clients always come first, but we also know when it is time for us to rejuvenate ourselves with a celebration! We understand the balance between life, family and business. Laura encourages us to take time off knowing that family is our support group and we all need that! She is the most organized person we know and we value the time we get with her to bring some of that organization into our own lives (like that blessed phone and ALL IT'S BLESSED APP'S!)”

-Diane Hammon


“Laura made me feel right at home at Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group Sycamore.  As a new agent since July 2017, she gave guidance and support and the tools I needed to succeed in this industry.  She sincerely loves helping others succeed and empowering newbies!” 

-Jerri Nelson 


“December 1, 2017 marks my two-year anniversary with Coldwell Banker TREG.  Laura pursued me for quite some time and it wasn't until I went to lunch with her and Ed Prodehl that I was convinced making the move would be beneficial.  Neither of them promised "more" production, but they both did say that my life would be easier. I can honestly say that making the move to  Coldwell Banker TREG and having Laura's leadership has been the best career decision I have made.  She continually gives us trade secrets and advice, wants to see us succeed, and she is our ally whenever we need her.  She's motivating and a very tenacious person.  I love how she moves us at our meetings and in our Ninja groups and she means every word of it.  I truly admire how much she has accomplished and how much she aspires to have all of us be "Ninja" like in our business, daily lives and with one another in our office.  Laura pushes us to be our best and really believes in us.  I'm grateful to have her as my office manager. She's a true asset to all of us!” 

-Maria Peña-Graham


“Laura Boyer fosters a culture of collaboration and trust.  She is always available to help answer any question you may have.  Laura inspires and drives us to be successful in all facets of our real estate business.”

-Michelle Ohlinger


“I can't say enough about the energy & knowledge Laura Boyer offers daily. I have been in the business for 24 years and having a manager like Laura has been exceptional! She embraces her agents and pushes them to become the best they can be. I truly believe Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group has excelled because of her compassion for our company and her agents. The BEST do wear BLUE!”

-Katie Morsch


“Laura has a lot of great qualities that makes her one the best managers around, but my favorite part about being one of her agents is the environment she has created. I have worked for other offices in the past and it was often times not a fun place to work. This is the complete opposite with what Laura has done at Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group where it honestly feels like more of a family than cut throat competition with the people you share desk space with. She is always making sure that there is a positive and fun environment for you to work, but also knows when to be serious when an issue or problem comes up. On top of that she really knows her stuff and does not just "talk the talk" but can back up ideas with ways to implement and achieve your goals. In my experience a lot of managers become managers because they are not able to practice what they preach, but even though Laura does not compete with her agents, I know she is more than capable of doing everything she tells her agents to do. She is a rare combination of all of the traits you need in a manager, which is why I will never work anywhere else while she is still a part of the Coldwell Banker TREG family. (4 years Coldwell Banker TREG, 11 years licensed agent).” 

-Mark Southwood


“Laura’s dedication and commitment to her team members combine with her drive and work ethic is a winning combination for agents and their clients to accomplish successful transactions. She has created a finely tuned support system in the office that enable us to work efficiently and in the best interests of our clients.”

-Michael Ball


“Joining Coldwell Banker The Real Estate group is a step towards ensuring your future success.  While the typical franchise promises listings, buyers and the "normal" real estate activity, at Coldwell Banker TREG we have been given the tools and resources to target your success to the level you would desire.  Our Management and Training Team is geared toward having every agent succeed to their full potential.  Laura Boyer is a dynamic Regional Vice President that is committed to assisting new and seasoned brokers to obtain the education and training that far exceeds your typical brokerage.  While it is an individual’s choice to their level of success, no one is left with unanswered questions or undirected guidance.  For the best option for a successful real estate career, Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group and Laura Boyer is the best choice hands down.”

-Joline Latimer


“Laura Boyer an accomplished leader in the newest real estate world.  Her accomplishments include taking a Real Estate company to soaring heights.  She has been able to train and motivate a group of fine Realtors to the very top in a market that is historically in the middle market statistics.  She is a premier leader in the computer/tech field. Her leadership has developed many of the top agents in the Dekalb County ranking.” 

-Max Heide


"For 23 years, I've been fortunate to provide buyers and sellers top notch service.  I strive to make a sincere difference in my clients' lives.  I couldn't be more grateful for Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group and my managing broker, Laura Boyer.  Their continued support, guidance, training and pro-activity gives me the tools to perform and the confidence to succeed.  There's no other real estate organization that comes close to CB TREG when comparing professional people and results!"

-Kelly Miller 


"Laura provides our office with the support to do our job.  Her technology background and outgoing personality make it easy to understand what she is explaining.  She is always first in line to be sure we have what we need to be successful agents.  There is no doubt she is a big contributor to the success of our office and all of our agents."

-Julie Fabrizius


Specialties: First Time Buyers, Quality Home, Residential, Move-Up Home, Relocation, Historic Home, Investment, Executive Home, New Home, New Construction, Custom Home