Steve Sovereign
Office: (309) 662-9333
Mobile: (309) 826-4646

304 N Hershey Rd, Bloomington, IL 61704

International President's Circle
for 2013 and 2014

Steve is a native of McLean county and has the experience and insight to be your best choice as a Realtor. The Sovereign family includes Steve’s wife Debra and his sons Jordan and Jeremy. The driving force behind Steve’s work ethic is honesty and the desire to genuinely help people.

His area of special interest is universal accessibility in housing. From personal experience and research, he can help you build or renovate a home to meet your needs. The core values can be seen in this quote from The Accessible Home, by Deborah Pierce:

Design is creative problem solving. Equal parts art and science, design is the process of articulating a problem, exploring alternatives, and envisioning a solution, culminating in the creation of something new. Not to be confused with decoration - the embellishment of a product in order to create beauty - design is beautiful because it works, and it does so on many levels.
Design doesn't cost more. What is costly is not addressing the problem fully. When a new ramp doesn't complement a house's character and has to be removed before selling the property, the homeowner pays twice. When a bathroom has a great tile job but poor lighting, the owner's safety in in jeopardy. When homeowners muddle along with a dysfunctional kitchen, the cost of renovations needs to be weighed against the cost of nightly takeout. Many designs actually save the homeowners money by increasing usable space without an addition.
Here are some testimonials from some of my clients:

Sheron Howard 
Steve has been so incredible. I first met him about three years before I purchased my first home. I got out in the market and like so many first time home buyers my wish list was much larger than my budget. After some realizations, I decided to put my search off until I had a better budget to work with. In the meantime, Steve consistently sent one email per month with the listings so I could continue to stay up on the market. He also followed up with me once per year just to see where I was with things. His approach was very balanced. He never nagged me, but I always felt he would be right there when the time came that I needed him. And that he was! After a three year wait, I began my search again and because overtime he had become so familiar with my desires, he was successful in helping me to find my dream home very early on in my home search. His work did not stop there. He helped me even after I purchased to make sure I had people to do a few projects I wanted done and he oversaw those projects to ensure I was taken care of. Even today, three years later, I'll reach out to him and he pretty much responds immediately and he just recommended a guy for a drywall job I needed and the guy did an awesome job at a very reasonable price. Most importantly, Steve is just a really good guy with a big heart. I feel like he is not only my Realtor, but also he has become a part of my family!
Amanda Krueger 
Steve was amazing to work with. He was always quick to respond to the many questions I had to ask him throughout the home buying and selling process. He helped us get a great deal on the house we sold and the new one we bought. He is very patient and you can tell he genuinely cares about you and helping you to the best of his ability. Hopefully we won't be selling anytime soon but if we were I wouldn't hesitate to use him again. Wonderful man to work with! 
Lindsay Martin 
Steve is by far the best, most organized/prepared, and most diligent agent we have ever worked with. He is truly a man of his word, he was always available to answer any and all questions, discuss various options, and always made us feel as if we were his only client. He is extremely knowledgeable on the ins-and-outs of every aspect of buying a home. From working with the seller's agent, keeping us informed every step of the way, and leaving no questions unanswered. We will absolutely call on him again and share his contact information with anyone needing a real estate agent because he is the benchmark that all other real estate agents should live up to. 
Thank you so much, Steve, for doing such an excellent job for us. Even though we live out of state, you still managed to make the buying process extremely smooth and painless. 
Shanelle Holland 
Steve really cares about the customer and what they want. He worked around my schedule to find me and my children a home that met all of our needs. Steve was always very pleasant and patient, and that is why I would recommend him to anyone in the market of buying or selling a home! 
Patrick Sellitto 
Steve was extremely helpful, very knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. He made my latest experience in buying a home about as easy as it can get. He was always prompt and responsive and made sure everything was taken care of. I am happy to write this review and plan on recommending him to anyone who asks my opinion on a realtor. 
Drs. Joan and David Falcone
We wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the services of one of your agents, Steve Sovereign. Mr. Sovereign's efforts in selling our house, particularly in this difficult market, were outstanding. He was open to our suggestions, gave us feedback, and was always willing to give of his time to assist us in both the care and sale of our home. This was of tremendous importance to us since we were living out of state during most of the time that the house was for sale.
He double checked on the security of the house, its upkeep, and overall maintenance. For example, at one point the front door knob and lock assembly literally fell apart. He quickly notified us as to its condition and personally replaced it with a new one. Without his supervision of the property, our lives would have been made extremely difficult; this is the type of service that one can only hope for but seldom gets.
We feel that it is important to let management, at your agency, know that Steve's services were rather exceptional. His personal attention to clients speaks well for the professional manner in which your agency is perceived--in our case, his relationship ended up being more than a professional relationship, we have become friends. Wishing you, Steve, and the agency the best of luck.
Laurence & David Dorn
We are writing this letter to express our complete satisfaction with Steve Sovereign as our real estate agent. Throughout the entire process, Steve was professional, conscientious, and motivated. We always felt as though we were his only clients. Steve took the helm to guide us to our mutual goal through a maze of difficulties. It could not have been possible without him.
Steve took the time to give us the best of advice and the most useful of information from his vast knowledge base. He was always very involved throughout every step of the process and he is not afraid of getting his hands dirty, quite literally! I have seen him mowing the lawn of a client and he even assisted us in painting our home-to-be so that the sale could go through. My father was a real estate broker so I have some familiarity with the real estate profession and I can say without hesitation that I have not seen anything like Steve before. His dedication and utmost integrity enabled him to look out for our best interests and make things happen. We would recommend Steve to anyone with the greatest of enthusiasm.
Scott Kording
While reflecting upon the past couple of Weeks, I was humbled to realize how much time you have devoted, including after regular work hours, to be of assistance to me. That you gave so freely of your time—including on weekends!—means a great deal to me.
Looking for real estate is a process that excites me, but it also concerns me because of my relative lack of experience. Knowing that you have been and will be there with me every step of the way in finding and (hopefully) purchasing a rental property gives me great comfort.
I join you in hoping that our investment of time ultimately will prove fruitful in the end. Meanwhile, please accept my heartfelt thanks not only for your service as my realtor, but for your kindness and graciousness as my friend.
Melanie and I were so pleased to close on the sale of our former residence on Jolly Lake Road on March 31, 2015. I know we thanked you multiple times in person, but our delight at closing that transaction has persisted for the last couple of days. As a result, I am sending this letter to reiterate how appreciative of you we are. 
You did a terrific job in marketing our property and shepherding the transaction through to closing. Your customer service continues to be exceptional, and we are doubly blessed that you are not only our realtor, but also our friend. 
Thank you again for your good work. 
Dominic Salvati
It was good to see you and meet your wife the other evening. Congratulations on successfully becoming a realtor. I will definitely refer those in need of a realtor to you.
The Matthews Family 
We wanted to thank you for everything you did that enabled us to sell our home in Arington. It was a difficult process that we dealt with for about 4 years and 3 different realtors. It is a testament to your hard work and willingness to listen to our needs/situation that made the sale possible. You went above and beyond what most realtors are willing to do on so many levels. It has been a great relief to have finally sold the home.
Thanks again to you and your wife for all your hard work in the process and it was a pleasure to work with you throughout the process. 
When we are in the market again to buy a home we will definitely contact you in our search for a home. 
Robert M. Siebert 
Have to commend you, even though it was a tough one, you didn't drop the ball on any facet of the purchase. Well done...and well appreciated. She and I talked for bit after you left and she couldn't say enough good things about you. She's been around for awhile so that's high praise. Anyway, just wanted to let you know... and, I appreciated your efforts as well. 

 Thank You

Here are some of the awards I have received: