Appleton - John

Mari Timm-Reichel- John St Appleton


My name is Mari Timm-Reichel and I am pleased to say I've been a part of our Company for 37 years.  Throughout these years, I've worked as head of our Closing Department, brought Mortgage Lending skills into our Firm and currently I'm a Managing Broker for our John Street, Appleton office.


My passion has always been real estate and whatever adventurous challenge it brings. I continue to be blessed every day with the ongoing opportunity to work alongside some of the greatest Realtors in our industry.  I love to problem-solve, teach contracts and agency along with a laser focus on helping my Agents achieve their goals. 


It is important to me that our Office feels positive energy on a daily basis and that they not only feel supported but also embraced when up against their daily challenges.  I can honestly say that I eagerly look forward to each and every day with my Company and I look forward to meeting YOU!