Diana Foltz - Rantoul


I’ve been in the Real Estate world for over 15 years first as a Realtor and now managing the office as Managing Broker for the last 4 plus years. Prior to my time in Real Estate I benefited from different positions I held. As a coach and teacher, I learned to help my players and students see their strengths and weaknesses as well as to trust their instincts. 


Training is one of the most important jobs I have and as a Realtor the learning never ends. As a Marketing Assistant, I organized countless schedules, handled customer service and planned large events. I developed the ability to work with different personality types and that has transferred to the way I train and work with my agents. I also became very detail oriented and able to problem solve and work under strict time lines, all helping me to stay calm when issues arise.  Using these skills to train a new agent or help an established agent realize their goals is very enjoyable. I also find that staying active as a Realtor keeps me aware of the challenges my agents face and how our Coldwell Banker systems can help them achieve higher success.


We work hard in my offices to combine a culture of professionalism and ethics with fun, family and community involvement. We hold multiple training opportunities each week, have regular luncheons and numerous opportunities to volunteer.
I look forward to meeting with anyone interested in becoming a Realtor or Realtors looking for additional growth. I can be reached at 217-840-4133