Sue Miller - McHenry

My style…I have always been a coaching style manager… I believe in education and the power of knowledge. If asked a question, I will guide the student to the answer… “teach them to fish, don’t give them a fish” is my motto.  I practice what I preach and I am very involved in my Community and my REALTOR Association.  I learn as much as possible and I share all that I learn. 


I stress the importance of goal setting, and, I assist my agents in achieving results and goal success.  As natural trainer, I use every opportunity to “expand the craniums” of those around me. I treat my agents like family and I care deeply about them; and, I act as a great resource, mentor and friend. 


Our Culture…The McHenry Office is more casual than most, however, we expect the utmost professionalism at all times.  We treat everyone with respect and honesty.  As a group, we trust each other, help each other and together we have built a great “family” which we rely on often.  Our office is warm, comfortable and welcoming… and in transition.  We are building and growing… come join the fun.