Robin Simpson -  Peoria

Licensed in 2003
Managing Brokers License in 2013


The Peoria Office is a highly productive and collaborative office of real estate professionals. We believe in- on going training to keep all of us at the top of our knowledge base and ability to successfully transition our clients to and from their homes.  Many of our agents have been with the office all of their long standing careers. They like it here and they stay!


I have had good success on training new agents into the business and into successful real estate careers. The agents that come into the Peoria office first comment on the feel of the beautiful building and the professional environment that they encounter while here. I am most proud of our family atmosphere;  we work together and take care of each other. I often use the analogy that in Real Estate we all work in the same sand box; - each agent decides if the want to share their toys or throw sand. As for the Peoria office, we share our toys!


Our office currently is a relatively small office of 30 agents and yet we are in the top 4 in Peoria's production both in units and sales with typically a higher list price to sale ration in shorter days on market than that of our competitors. I believe in staying active in our office activities and our local board. I have served on the Board of directors, Contracts, MLS, Governmental Affairs, RPAC, education, strategic vision committees, and numerous task forces. I have participated in the local and state level Leadership academies. Many of the Peoria agents also participate in the local board and various local organizations. In total- We love what we do and where we do it.