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New London Murals

New London has quite a vibrant art scene. This is evident if you take the time to drive through the city and admire the incredible murals local artists have created on the sides of buildings and other structures. Whether you live in the city or are just in town to look at New London homes for sale, here are some of the murals to visit. You may even want to snap a photo or two in front of your favorite!

  • Amidst the Daisies: 405 W. Wolf River Ave., New London, WI 54961
    Created in 2020, this mural is found on the side of a building at Hilker Warehousing. It was designed and created by Julie Parker, Season Polsin, Lori Jo Schnieder, Shawnee Allen, and Notosha Daul. As the name suggests, the mural shows a garden full of daisies, along with some bees and butterflies. Standing in front of it will make you feel like you've been transported to a quiet place in nature.

  • Bloom Where You Are Planted: 301 S. Pearl St., New London, WI, 54961
    The phrase "bloom where you are planted" is good advice. It means "do the best in the situation you're in." Painted on the side of a barn, this mural features a beautiful script over some simple flowers. It was designed and created by Shawnee Allen, one of the area's best-known mural artists.

  • Freedom: 301 W. North Water Street, New London, WI 54961
    This mural shows a type of freedom that resonates with all. It depicts several birdcages, all of which are empty with their doors wide open. It's almost humbling to stand beneath the mural and realize that, in one way or another, everyone has been a bird in a cage at some point. Freedom was created in 2020 by Martha Schoen and Peggy Nichols. You'll find it on the north side of the Cellcom building.

  • New Dublin: 104 S. Pearl St., New London, WI 54961
    Do you ever wish you could enjoy some St. Patrick's Day magic at other times of the year? With a visit to this mural, you can do just that. The mural shows a friendly group of people with the words "May good fortune march over you" floating in the sky. It was created by Michael O'Connell with input from members of the Wold River Art League. You'll find it on the side of Bumper to Bumper.

  • Save the Bees: 512 N. Shawano St., New London, WI 54961
    Here's a mural with a purpose. Save the Bees reminds viewers just how important bees are to human life, and it gently prompts them to take action. The mural shows small bees on a daisy, along with several larger bees buzzing around. It was created on the side of Becky's Dog Grooming by Lori Jo Schneider with assistance from Maddie Schneider and Angie Taugher.

  • Together: 405 W. Wolf River Ave., New London, WI 54961
    This colorful mural is found at Hilker Warehousing. It serves as a reminder that people of all different backgrounds can come together and do something awesome. Together was created by Season Polsin and Natosha Daul in 2020.

Living in New London means you get to take in local art like this regularly! Should you fall in love with the murals and with New London in general, please contact us to learn about our real estate services and how our New London office can help. Our real estate agents would love to guide you through the home buying process.

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